Instant credit with negative credit bureau entry

An instant loan with a negative Credit bureau entry, which at first glance seems to be possible without any problems. Numerous advertisements promise to be able to arrange this loan quickly and easily “despite Credit bureau” or “without Credit bureau”. Anyone who is critical of these offers is on the right track.

Instant loan – fast lending few receipts

Instant loan - fast lending few receipts

An instant loan is almost the hallmark of quick and easy lending. The first instant loans were advertised and granted long before the internet was available. Local credit institutions ensured that credit customers did not have to wait for their money by introducing a rebooking account.

The credit check is carried out using the simplified check procedure. Often, just a pay slip must be attached to the application as evidence. Credit bureau is queried online, with a good scoring value and clean Credit bureau information, the loan request can be met immediately.

An instant loan can usually be obtained even on the day of the loan application. The internal rebooking account saves the waiting time for the loan provision without taking up a short-term overdraft facility. The offer for an instant loan with a negative Credit bureau entry is, however, sought in vain from ordinary credit institutions.

The online instant loan is much better known than the instant loan from local credit institutions. Again, the hallmark of this loan is quick processing. Documents hardly need to be submitted. A decision about the desire for a small loan can be made within a very short time. Even with instant loans as an online loan, it is the borrower’s good creditworthiness that paves the way for fast loans. But even online no bank advertises the possibility of an instant loan with bad credit.

Instant loan – realistic with negative Credit bureau entry?

Instant loan - realistic with negative Credit bureau entry?

Against this background, it is difficult to imagine that a real instant loan with a negative Credit bureau entry is possible. A look at the advertising promises it anyway. Loan opportunities are offered through credit intermediaries despite Credit bureau and also without Credit bureau. “Despite Credit bureau” refers to a domestic loan “without Credit bureau” to the credit of a foreign bank.

First of all about the loan despite Credit bureau: Various German credit banks may approve a loan, although an irregularity is registered in the Credit bureau. An example of this is that of Fine Bank. However, there is no word on the company’s side. It is only when a personal check is made that the loan request is given a chance after a thorough examination. It is not a real instant loan. The trademark for instant loans is a simplified verification procedure without having to submit a lot of documents.

Perhaps there is a real chance of getting a real instant loan with a negative Credit bureau entry through a foreign bank. If you are willing to do without Credit bureau’s credit check, you may also issue straightforward instant loans. As far as is known, only a foreign credit bank can legally offer Credit bureau-free loans in Germany. It has been Agree Bank from Liechtenstein since 2010.

Immediate loan without Credit bureau from abroad

Immediate loan without Credit bureau from abroad

Anyone who now finds the site via the name of the credit bank will be delighted and disappointed at the same time. The Liechtenstein money house allows the loan to be applied for directly, thus saving the fees for the credit intermediary. So much for the positive. The site is still unsuccessfully searched for an instant loan with a negative Credit bureau entry.

The reason for this is simply explained. A foreign loan can not only be applied for with a pay slip so that the application can be decided. There are far more documents to be submitted and even a certification for the transfer of income is necessary. The loan provider does not eyewash. A loan without Credit bureau is not a loan in the simplified credit check procedure. The credit check is actually quite extensive due to the lack of insight into Credit bureau.

In addition, the prospective customer expects an immediate loan to make the money available very quickly. The time tolerance limit for instant loans until the money should be available is around seven working days. The international loan can also be quickly available under optimal conditions.

This cannot only be guaranteed. The relevant forums report a waiting period of between about seven days and four weeks. The test procedure is responsible for these different waiting times. Among other things, the public debt register is requested. Sometimes the answer comes immediately by fax, in other cases the competent authority takes a lot of time.

Anyone who cannot seriously promise a credit decision in a timely manner does not offer an instant loan with a negative Credit bureau entry.